ILMAINEN TOIMITUS! Suomessa kun tilaat kaksi pussia tai enemmän ja EU:ssa kun tilaat neljä pussia tai enemmän. ILMAINEN TOIMITUS!

ILMAINEN TOIMITUS! Suomessa kun tilaat kaksi pussia tai enemmän ja EU:ssa kun tilaat neljä pussia tai enemmän.
Tiistaihin mennessä tehdyt tilaukset paahdetaan ja viedään postiin viimeistään saman viikon keskiviikkona, ja ne saapuvat Suomessa yleensä perjantaihin mennessä.

Clever Dripper

Clever Dripper

Easiest coffee dripper ever

Maybe the easiest coffee brewer you will find! Add coffee and water and let it steep for few minutes. After steeping place the brewer over a cup and the coffee pours in it. Simple as that. It is like French press without the muddiness. You can make up to around 450ml of coffee when done the maximum, and you can easily do smaller amounts also. Works with regular Melitta filter papers found in any store.

Made form BPA free plastic

GLC's recipe:
- Add a filter paper and rinse it with hot water
- Add 28grams of coffee (filter coarseness)
- Add 500ml of boiling hot water
- Stir so that all coffee grounds get wet
- Place the lid and let it steep for 2 minutes
- Stir the top of the coffee
- Place the brewer under a jug and let the coffee draw down
- Enjoy!

29,50 €
Wilfa CGWS-130B Kahvimylly

Wilfa CGWS-130B


Tämä lienee paras kahvimylly kotiin hintatasossaan. Toimii hienosti mm. perus suodatinkahvinkeittimille, Aeropressille, suppilosuodattimille ja french presseille. Myllyn kartioterät jauhaa pavut tarkasti ja huolellisesti. Helppo käyttää ja nopea. Näyttää myös erittäin hyvältä! 

Mikäli haluat parantaa kahviasi kotona tai toimistolla, etkä omista myllyä, niin hanki tämä. Et tule pettymään. Me lupaamme, että päivittäinen kofeiiniannoksesi tulee maistumaan paremmalta!

ps. Muista ostaa papuja myös :D

107,50 €
Timemore Black Mirror vaaka

Timemore vaaka

Tarkkuus vaaka

Black Mirror precission scale by Timemore with timer and accuracy of 0,1grams. Works for all coffee brewing: hand brew and espresso. Waterproof up to a certain level. 

A proper scale makes coffee brewing easier and consistent. With scale you can adjust your dosing to the gram and be sure that it's not the dosing that is making your coffee taste different. We recommend the basic dosing of 60 grams of coffee to one liter of water in basic filter brews. So for example for 0,5l of water you would use 30grams of coffee. When you now your dosing is correct you only need to adjust your grind size: if your coffee is weak, grind finer and if your coffee is strong, grind coarser. 

- 0,1g/2kg minimi/maksimi punnitusalue
- USB lataus
- Ajanottokello
- Jäljelläolevan virran näyttö
- Automaattinen pois päältä toiminto
- Silikoni alusta
- Vedenkestävä pinta

62,00 €
Timemore Pour Over kannu

Timemore kanny

Elektroninen vedenkeitin

FISH smart electric pour over kettle by Timemore. This water kettle suites for hand brew and tea or anything that requires hot water with accurate water temperature. It gives a steady flow rate which is easy to control. Master your Kalita, V60 or any other coffee dripper brew with this kettle. Easy to use temperature control. 

120,00 €
Fellow Ode kahvimylly

Fellow Ode

Coffee Grinder

Get your grinding' to a next level! 

This is the "TO GO" grinder for any coffee geek out there. Grinds perfect for any filter brewer— Aeropress, pour-over, French press, cold brew, etc.

 The grinder has 64 mm professional-grade flat burrs which makes the grind quality consistent, and helps you extract your coffee to the max! GLC recommends this to any home or small office/restaurant.

- Aluminum body, plastic load bin and base
- 64mm professional stainless steel flat burrs
- Grinds knocker
- Smart speed pid motor
- Single dose loading
- Auto stop
- 220V / 1.3A / 60Hz / 140W
- Depth 23,9 cm, width 10,5 cm, height 24,15 cm
- Weight 4,5 kg
- Cord lenght 1m

329,00 €
Ratio Six kahvinkeitin



Top notch coffee brewer.

With the Ratio Six brewer you get consistent brews time after time. High quality, one-button convenience with a modern design and good price. The brewer has precisely metering water flow through both the bloom and brew phases. It brews the coffee into a thermos that keeps the coffee warm but doesn't "burn" out the flavor. 

Measurement: Depth 34,29 cm, width 17,15 cm, height 36,20 cm and weight 4,08 kg

370,00 €


Aerobie AeroPress

Maybe one of the most iconic coffee brewer after pour overs?! This plastic vacuum tube is manufactured by Aerobie, a company better known for its frisbees. It is widely used in cafes and homes all over the world and there is even a World AeroPress championships held each year to see who makes the best brews with it. 

AeroPress uses immersion brewing method where coffee grounds and water sit in a chamber and is then pressed through a paper filter. The final product is something between pour over and French press brews. It is a bit foggy/cloudy and has some non-diluted particles that got past the paper filter but being still free from the actual coffee grounds. This brings a nice and smooth mouthfeel to the coffee you are brewing.

It is easy to keep clean and take out to the wild as it is plastic and doesn't break easily.

30,00 €
Timemore lasikannu 600ml

Timemore lasikannu


Perfect for you hand brews, fits and AeroPress also and looks fresh! Comes with a lid and is perfect for decanting your masterfully brewed coffee.

27,00 €
Filtteri papereita


AeroPress, Kalita & V60

Choose below for the right filter papers for your brewer and get it brewing!

Alkaen 7,00
Ostoskorisi on tyhjä


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